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3D Jewerly Design


Jewelry 3D Design of Model Ring in three center stone sizes

We begin the process of making Jewelry Master Models by creating Jewelry 3D designs in our in-house design studio. Our designers use Rhinoceros 3D and Gem Vision Matrix 7 CAD programs. They are experts at designing Jewelry Master Models for an infinite variety of rings and pendants. We offer an unparalleled variety of solitaire rings, eternity rings, anniversary rings and wedding sets. When designing 3D Jewelry Models, we are keenly aware that each Jewelry Rubber Mold will ultimately be molded or vulcanized from the Jewelry Master Model. Please keep in mind, all Jewelry Rubber Molds have a shrinkage factor of approximately 7-10%. To compensate for this shrinkage, each and every one of our Jewelry 3D designs are made 8-10% thicker. As an example, we make a size 7.25 for all ladies' rings. After the Jewelry Rubber Mold process, it will be a size. 6.5. But shrinkage of the Jewelry Rubber Mold is not our only concern. Filing and polishing must also be taken into account when manufacturing the finished product. Therefore, all of our Jewelry Master Models are exacting as to the proper thickness of the shank and prongs, which allows jewelers and stone setters to achieve an excellent finished product. This is critical and all-important.

We also pay close attention to models incorporating side stones, making sure the proportions are suitable to the size of center stones. When necessary, some of our rings are designed in 2 or 3 pieces. Because some rings have a complicated structure, it is impractical to cut a rubber mold. To achieve perfect clean up (filing) and polishing, we design some ring heads or center stone settings separately. Finally, some rings have small details, which need to be cast in different colors, such as yellow or rose gold.

When we design 3D Jewelry Models and make any Jewelry Master Model, we accommodate for each type of ring, whether it is a solitaire, anniversary or wedding set. Each Jewelry Master Model is available to accommodate a variety of center stones, such as 0.50, 1.00, 1.50 and 2.00 carats. The Jewelry Master Model will be identical. This is the best solution to solving difficulties manufacturers and wholesalers may encounter. You are now able to take orders for any size center stone and not worry about how to make the identical ring. Additionally, our method now makes it extremely cost-effective for you. You can completely rely on our accuracy and expertise.

We are doing the same thing with eternity rings, which are initially made to ladies' size 7.5. After shooting the wax, it will be finger size 6.5 (stock size). Keep in mind, eternity Jewelry Master Model stones range in size from 0.03 to 0.25 carats for each stone. Some 3D Jewelry Designs also have a carat weight of 0.50 carats for each stone. This offers you the option of customizing your rings, based on the stones you have available or exactly to your customers' specifications.

Finally, after completing 3D Jewelry Designs for Jewelry Master Models, we print the wax in our studio, using our state-of-the-art Solid Scape 3D printer.

3D Design