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Jewelry Master Models

As soon as the 3D Jewelry Design wax is printed, we begin casting in silver. Before the casting, however, the Jewelry Master Model is cleaned and finished passing through stringent quality control. To achieve proper fit, as previously mentioned, for rings and pendants, our Jewelry Master Models are designed in 2 or 3 pieces. In a two-tone ring, this fit is extremely important. You, as our customer, should not have to spend your valuable time in making adjustments.

Jewerly Mater Model for two tone rings

Again, we check the positioning, fit and overall look of the stones on the Jewelry Master Model. We also check the thickness of the ring, as the Jewelry Master Model cannot be too thick and heavy, or too thin after the molding process. If anyone of these criteria is not met, we correct the problem by redesigning and recasting.

The next step is the cleanup of the silver Jewelry Master Model. When using 3D printers, all models are produced with indentations (such as a line running around the band and throughout the model). Our silver craftsmen now meticulously buff out each of these imperfections by hand. This is of utmost importance to us, since our attention to detail, allows manufacturers to quickly produce the highest quality mountings in either gold or platinum. Because of our attention to detail, you will not have the normal loss of highly valuable gold or platinum, when filing and polishing rings and pendants. You will readily see a significant savings, both in your time and money.

When the Jewelry Master Model meets our strict quality control, we attach a sprue to the ring or pendant. If some parts are bigger, such as the gallery under a ring, we put the sprue and molding separately on the Jewelry Rubber Mold. We would like our customers to please keep in mind, that our Jewelry Master Models are designed for ladies' finger size 7.5. But after molding and shooting wax, the Jewelry Rubber Mold will be a stock finger size. 6.5.

Jewelry Mater Model Designs and Rubber Molds

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