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Use and Care of Jewelry Rubber Molds

Prior to injecting wax into Jewelry Rubber Molds, you must use a mold release product, such as talcum powder (baby powder). As we've mentioned, we make an air way opening(see photo: cutting/opening).
The use of powder is absolutely necessary because it enables the parts of the rubber mold to remain separate, and thus ensures the complete escape of all air and allows the injected wax to completely fill all crevices of the Jewelry Rubber Mold. Be careful to avoid any buildup of powder in the rubber mold cavity. When necessary, clean the rubber mold cavities with an air gun or soft bristled brush. You must also use a silicone spray (such as Castaldo Resin Release Spray). Following these simple cleaning and maintenance steps will guarantee easy removal of the wax from your Jewelry Rubber Molds. After injecting wax, you must allow a coll down of 1-2 minutes, depending on the size of the ring or other item. When using the same Jewelry Rubber Mold for multiple quantities, it will become very hot and injecting wax may become more difficult. Therefore, a cool down time of 5-10 minutes is highly suggested. After use, we also recommend a careful cleaning of the Jewelry Rubber Mold with an air gun or soft bristled brush. This will guarantee that even the smallest pieces of wax are completely removed.

Make certain that no wax whatsoever remains inside the Jewelry Rubber Mold. Wax dries out and can the stick to the delicate parts of the rubber mold. In time, when attempting to clean out and remove dried wax, it can cause damage or make cuts on the inside of the Jewelry Rubber Mold. Do not use any chemicals for cleaning, other than, as previously mentioned, silicone spray, Be sure to keep Jewelry Rubber Molds away from direct heat and sunlight, as this can cause them to become brittle and unusable. We recommend rubber molds be stored in a room temperature environment (ideally between 68-77 degrees).

Please follow these simple instructions to ensure the life span of your Jewelry Rubber Molds. By doing so, your Jewelry Rubber Molds can last for decades, preserving your investment in them.


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