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Vulcanizing and Cutting Jewelry Rubber Molds

Here, at Jewelry Rubber Molds, we use the following Castaldo Premium Ready-Cut Jewelry molding rubber exclusively:

  1. Yellow Gold Label Rubber Molds
  2. Pink Non-Shrinking Rubber Molds
  3. Blue Rubber Molds

Yellow Gold Label Rubber molds are recognized world-wide as the finest, most popular and the best value. The life span of Yellow Gold Label Rubber Molds is more than 15 years. Keep in mind, we only use Jewelry Master Models to produce your molds and Yellow Gold Label Rubber Mold is the ideal medium for that purpose.

Pink Rubber Molds are utilized for pieces with intricate detail, particularly where less shrinkage is required. This is usually used when copying a style from an existing gold ring. We are using only Jewelry Master Models and calculate shrinkage during the design and making of the Jewelry Master Models.

Blue Rubber Molds are used for flat-detailed designs.

We can, however, mold Jewelry Master Models from yellow, pink or blue rubber molds. When placing your order, simply indicate your color choice on the drop-down menu.

We have many choices of sizes, thicknesses and widths of aluminum mold frames for making molds. Choosing the absolute correct size frame for our Jewelry Master Model, we properly fill each part of the item with rubber and begin the vulcanization process. After completion, the rubber mold is removed from the vulcanizer and is put aside to cool (no cold water or refrigeration is used). This is critical so that shrinkage is at a minimum. After approximately one hour, the rubber mold will be completely cooled down, and we begin cutting. For cutting each individual rubber mold, we use one blade (Swan-Morton scalpel blades). After carefully cutting each Jewelry Rubber Mold (taking extreme care not to damage the Jewelry Master Model), we remove the silver model. Now we make a few cuts in the mold, which allows air to completely flow out. This, in turn, enables the injected wax to flow inside and completely fill the mold (including all crevices). This process allows your wax workers to produce a pristine, quality job in a shorter time period.

Jewelry Rubber Mold Cutting and Formin

Also, we partially separate some parts of the rubber mold, which ensures ease and lack of damage when removing wax from the rubber mold.

Before shipping orders, we band together the Jewelry Rubber Molds of wedding sets or entire groupings of all sizes of rings. This is very convenient for our customers.


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