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About our company

Our company, Jewelry Rubber Molds, is located in the Jewelry District of Los Angeles, California. Since opening in 1994, we have consistently served the jewelry industry for more than twenty years by providing Jewelry Rubber Molds. We are experts in the jewelry manufacturing process and our many years of experience enables us to offer our clients a diverse and original collection of Jewelry Model Designs. We specialize in:

•    3D Jewelry Design (Rhinoceros 3D and Matrix 7 CAD programs)
•    Manufacturing Jewelry Master Models
•    Jewelry Rubber Molds

The finished product, Jewelry Rubber Molds, are what we sell, exclusively. We take pride in employing only the most experienced and highly knowledgeable designers and jewelry professionals who specialize in hand-crafted silver and professional Jewelry Rubber Mold makers. All of our 3D Jewelry Designs, Jewelry Master Models and Jewelry Rubber Molds are created and manufactured in the USA.

Beginning in 1997, we began to see a change in the industry and we shifted to utilizing the most up-to-date technology. Concurrent with that, we have a studio where we create 3D Jewelry Designs. We employ highly skilled jewelers who prepare the Jewelry Master Models. We also utilize the skills of master Jewelry Rubber Mold makers. Additionally, we work closely with highly experienced jewelry diamond setters.

Browse our comprehensive selection of Original Jewelry Models. Keep in mind that with our large selection of original Jewelry Master Models, we also offer a variety of center stone sizes for the majority of individual Jewelry Models.

Please contact us if you have questions or require assistance with any of our styles.



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